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Work Smarter: Conti Moore

Where I interview law firm owner Conti Moore about how she works smarter with a high tech, high touch approach to family law.

Hey there Legal Rebels! 👋

This episode is something different.

I created a new “Work Smarter” podcast series to showcase innovative lawyers who are working smarter, not harder, to achieve success in their law practices. Sometimes there’s a disconnect between theory and practice. How do you use technology to get more done and make more money? The Work Smarter series connects the dots.

If you want to understand how technology can transform a family law practice and the benefits of a "high-tech, high-touch" approach, you need to listen to this episode. Conti Moore is at the forefront of modernizing family law and has a unique experience and point of view. Her journey from a solo practitioner to founding a thriving 24-person firm offers valuable insights into how technology can revolutionize the legal industry, making it more efficient and client-focused. Conti's innovative use of tools like Adobe for court presentations, Calendly for scheduling, and LawDroid for client intake demonstrates how embracing technology can lead to remarkable growth and improved client satisfaction in law practice.

How Conti Moore is Revolutionizing Family Law with High Tech and High Touch

In the latest episode of the Work Smarter podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing Conti Moore, founder of the Conti Moore Law Firm. Conti's innovative approach to family law practice offers valuable lessons for lawyers looking to modernize their firms and improve client satisfaction.

The High-Tech, High-Touch Approach

Conti's firm stands out with its "high-tech, high-touch" philosophy. This approach combines cutting-edge technology with personalized client care, allowing her to scale her practice while maintaining quality service.

Key Tech Tools:

  1. Adobe: Used for efficient document management and presentation in court.

  2. Calendly: Streamlines scheduling with opposing counsel and clients.

  3. Clio: Leverages Matter stages for case management and Kanban boards for workflow visualization.

  4. LawDroid: Implements an AI chatbot for 24/7 client intake and scheduling.

Innovative Court Strategies

Conti shared a compelling example of how technology can make a difference in court. In a custody case, her team used Adobe to efficiently present thousands of text messages, demonstrating the opposing party's unwillingness to cooperate. This tech-savvy approach allowed them to present a compelling case swiftly and effectively.

Scaling from Solo to Success

Starting as a solo practitioner in 2012, Conti has grown her firm to a team of 24 members across the U.S. and internationally. She attributes this growth to:

  1. Embracing technology to increase efficiency

  2. Focusing on creating a positive firm culture

  3. Delegating tasks and trusting her team

  4. Continuously seeking ways to improve and automate processes

Advice for New Firm Owners

Conti offers valuable insights for lawyers looking to start their own practice:

  1. Invest in business coaching

  2. Attend conferences and masterminds

  3. Don't be afraid to delegate

  4. Embrace technology and innovation

  5. Focus on both client and employee satisfaction

The Power of Community

Recognizing the value of shared knowledge, Conti has created "Law Firm Mechanics," a coaching service for family law firms. She also runs a Facebook group called "Family Law Masterminds," providing a platform for lawyers to exchange ideas and support each other's growth.

Key Takeaways

  1. Embracing technology can significantly improve efficiency and client satisfaction.

  2. A balance of high-tech tools and personal touch is crucial for success in modern law practice.

  3. Continuous learning and networking are essential for law firm growth.

  4. Don't be afraid to invest in tools and people that can help your firm scale.

Conti Moore's journey from solo practitioner to successful firm owner is a testament to the power of innovation in legal practice. By combining technology with a strong focus on client and employee satisfaction, she has created a thriving practice that stands out in the competitive field of family law.

For more insights on working smarter in the legal profession, be sure to listen to the full episode of the Work Smarter podcast featuring Conti Moore.

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