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The AltFee Startup: Scott Leigh

Where I interview Scott Leigh about his journey into alternative fees, building a startup with his family, and the death of the billable hour.

Hey there Legal Rebels! 👋

This is the ninth episode of the 2024 season of the LawDroid Manifesto podcast, where I will be interviewing key legal innovators to learn how they do what they do.

If you want to understand the transformation of legal billing and the benefits of alternative fee arrangements, you need to listen to this episode. Scott Leigh is at the forefront of modernizing legal pricing and has a unique experience and point of view. His journey from a family law firm to co-founding AltFee offers valuable insights into how technology can revolutionize the legal industry, making it more efficient and client-focused.

Revolutionizing Legal Billing: Scott Leigh's Journey with Alt Fee

Join me as I interview Scott Leigh, the innovative co-founder and CEO of AltFee, a pioneering company transforming the way law firms price their services in a post-billable hour world.

In this insightful podcast episode, Scott shares the compelling story of how Alt Fee was born out of a family-owned law firm and has grown into a crucial tool for legal professionals seeking to provide cost certainty and enhance client satisfaction. He explores the challenges and triumphs of transitioning from traditional billing methods to alternative fee arrangements (AFAs), offering practical insights into value-based pricing, flat fees, and more.

Scott’s journey is a testament to the power of innovation and collaboration, and his experiences highlight the importance of adapting to technological advancements in the legal industry. This episode is a must-watch for anyone interested in the future of legal services, providing valuable perspectives on how to navigate and thrive in a rapidly changing landscape.

Tune in to discover how AltFee is revolutionizing legal pricing and why embracing alternative fee structures can lead to greater efficiency and satisfaction for both clients and law firms.

The Skinny

In this episode of the LawDroid Manifesto podcast, host Tom Martin interviews Scott Leigh, the co-founder and CEO of Alt Fee. Scott shares the journey of building Alt Fee, a software tool designed to help law firms move away from the traditional billable hour model and adopt alternative fee arrangements (AFAs). The conversation covers the inception of AltFee, the challenges faced, and the impact of alternative fee structures on the legal industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • Alt Fee's Origin: Alt Fee was created out of a need to provide cost certainty for clients during the pandemic, evolving from a manual system within Scott's family law firm to a comprehensive software tool.

  • Family Endeavor: Scott, along with his brother and father, co-founded Alt Fee, leveraging their experiences and pain points from practicing law.

  • Alternative Fee Structures: Alt Fee supports various AFAs, including flat fees, phase-based pricing, success fees, and subscription models, among others.

  • Value-Based Pricing: The software incorporates value-based pricing methods, allowing firms to systematically consider factors beyond time spent on a task.

  • Client and Firm Benefits: AFAs align the interests of the firm and clients, fostering collaboration and eliminating the surprise of unexpected invoices.

  • Industry Shift: There is a growing trend towards technology adoption in the legal industry, driven by efficiency gains from AI and other tools, making AFAs increasingly relevant.

  • Success Stories: Alt Fee has received significant recognition, including winning the Startup Alley at Legal Tech and being a finalist in Clio’s annual awards.

Scott Leigh’s insights highlight the transformative potential of alternative fee arrangements in the legal industry. By moving away from the billable hour model, Alt Fee not only improves client satisfaction but also enhances the operational efficiency of law firms. As the legal industry continues to evolve with technology, tools like AltFee are crucial in helping firms navigate these changes and stay competitive.

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