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The Solo Trailblazer: Carolyn Elefant

Where I interview Carolyn Elefant about leveraging AI, navigating entrepreneurial challenges, and inspiring a new generation of solo and small firm lawyers

Hey there Legal Rebels! 👋

This is the eighth episode of the 2024 season of the LawDroid Manifesto podcast, where I will be interviewing key legal innovators to learn how they do what they do.

If you want to understand the pivotal role of artificial intelligence in modern legal practices and the entrepreneurial spirit required to succeed as a solo or small firm lawyer, you need to listen to this episode. Carolyn Elefant is a pioneer in launching her own energy law firm and in using her experience to inspire and educate a new generation of solo practitioners, bringing a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to the table.

Revolutionizing Solo Practice: AI, Entrepreneurship, and Advocacy

Join me as I interview Carolyn Elefant, a trailblazing attorney and founder of, who has been the inspiration to many solo and small firm lawyers.

In this podcast episode, Carolyn shares her pioneering work in energy law and her entrepreneurial journey from starting her own law practice to becoming a leading voice in the legal profession. She provides insightful perspectives on the transformative role of artificial intelligence in law, emphasizing how solo and small firm lawyers can leverage AI to enhance their practice and compete with larger firms. Carolyn also shares how she has managed to get it all done while raising a family.

This episode is a must-watch for anyone interested in the intersection of law, technology, and entrepreneurship, providing actionable insights on how to thrive in a tech-driven legal environment.

The Skinny

In this episode of the LawDroid Manifesto, Tom Martin interviews Carolyn Elefant, a trailblazer in energy law, and the founder of Carolyn shares her journey from starting her own law practice to becoming an influential figure in the legal profession. Her insights on AI in law, entrepreneurial spirit, and advocacy for solo and small firm lawyers provide valuable lessons for legal professionals.

Key Takeaways

  • Entrepreneurial Beginnings: Carolyn's entrepreneurial spirit was evident from a young age, influenced by her parents' work ethic and example.

  • Starting a Law Firm: She discusses her decision to start her own law firm after working in the federal government and private practice, emphasizing the importance of flexibility and adaptability.

  • Pro Bono Work and Advocacy: Carolyn's dedication to pro bono work and her efforts to change laws to benefit federal employees in DC highlight her commitment to social justice.

  • Adapting to Market Changes: She explains how she pivoted her practice to focus on niche areas like small hydroelectric projects and ocean energy, showing the importance of adapting to market demands.

  • Leveraging AI: Carolyn shares practical ways solo and small firm lawyers can use AI to enhance their practice, from drafting promotional materials to conducting legal research.

  • Regulatory Challenges: She discusses the regulatory challenges solo and small firms face compared to larger companies and advocates for a level playing field.

  • Future of AI in Law: Carolyn emphasizes the potential of AI to transform legal practices and encourages lawyers to start integrating these tools to stay ahead.

  • Work-Life Balance: She reflects on balancing a demanding career with raising a family and how becoming an empty nester has provided more time for professional pursuits.

Carolyn Elefant's journey is a testament to the power of resilience, innovation, and dedication in the legal profession. Her insights on using AI and adapting to market changes are invaluable for lawyers looking to enhance their practice.

For more on Carolyn's work and to follow her ongoing contributions to the legal field, visit her law firm website at Law Offices of Carolyn Elefant and her blog at If you would be interested in learning about Carolyn’s A.I. Certification course, click the button below:

Learn More about AI Certification

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